Abatement Issues Sky Rocket in Independence

Published on 1/24/2023
Trash, weeds, open storage and cars that don’t work anymore: these are just some of the problems that the code enforcement department in Indepenence, Missouri is facing. With a population of 123,000 people, the city has eight code enforcement officers who are struggling to keep up with all the issues. There is due process when it comes to code enforcement issues, including multiple notifications and sometimes even issuing tickets.

an RV parked in a driveway

A big concern for many citizens is ensuring that their neighborhoods are safe and healthy. Independence's neighborhood services supervisor, Hollie Allerson, says code enforcement is a top citizen concern year after year. "Many people want safe and healthy neighborhoods," Allerson said.

When it comes to abatement issues in Independence, the department has seen an increase of 120%. This means that more work needs to be done to address these concerns.

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